Online Electronics Stores in UAE: What Retailers Saw the Most Activity in 2022?


Electronics are now a necessary component of our lives, whether on a personal, family, or work level. However, there are regional differences in how people use electronics. In this article, we will highlight the electronic sector revenue in the UAE. Then, we will see which online electronics stores in UAE experience the highest activity.

Highlights in UAE Electronics Sales

  • In 2022, revenue in the consumer electronics sector will be expected to amount to US$1,514.00m.
  • By 2027, a market volume of US$2,524.00m is predicted, with revenue expected to grow at a 10.76% CAGR.
  • The most significant market volume, estimated at US$215.20 billion in 2022, is produced in China.
  • China generates the most revenue, with a projected market volume of $215.20 billion in 2022.
  • By 2027, 6.2 million users are anticipated in the consumer electronics segment.
  • User penetration will reach 48.5% in 2022 and is anticipated to hit 59.3% by 2027.
  • The expected average revenue per user (ARPU) is US$309.80.

Online Electronics Stores In UAE With The Highest Activity?

The online electronics stores in UAE listed below saw the highest sales; let’s learn more about these websites.


Amazon is the first on our list of the most active online electronics stores in UAE. primarily serves the UAE and is managed by a company called FZ, LLC. The UAE accounts for almost all of its net online sales. is a diversified online marketplace that offers a wide selection of goods across many categories, including “Electronics & Media,” “Toys, Hobby & DIY,” and “Furniture & Appliances.” The website initially went live in 2005.


One of the most significant online electronics stores in UAE is It is an online store operated by Apple, Inc. that caters to customers worldwide. The United States, Greater China, and Japan account for a high share of its net sales. specialises in “Electronics & Media,” particularly “Consumer Electronics,” for its product offerings. The website was initially launched in 1997.

  1. is a global e-commerce platform owned and operated by Noon AD Holdings One Person Co., LLC. It is one of the most remarkable online electronics stores in UAE. Its sales are particularly profitable in the UAE. The second largest share of its eCommerce net sales comes from Saudi Arabia. The “Electronics & Media” category accounts for most of’s eCommerce net sales in product types.

Regarding the product selection, “Electronics & Media” makes up most of’s eCommerce net sales. In addition, to the “Fashion” category. The online shop debuted in 2017.


SharafDG, LLC runs the online store, which focuses on sales across the country. Almost all of its online net sales come from the UAE. is a comprehensive online electronics store in UAE in terms of its product selection, with items available in a variety of categories such as “Electronics & Media,” “Fashion,” and “Food & Personal Care.”


The top online electronics stores in UAE are listed above, so you know exactly where to look the next time you buy electronics.