How To Repair Corrupted USB And Data Recovery File From USB

It is very common to see your USB flash drive not appearing and opening with the appearance of all kinds of errors on your desktop such as “USB Device Not Recognized”, “Please insert a removable drive”, “You need to format the disk in the unit before you can use it” and “RAW USB memory”, etc.

What are these errors about and what is happening to your USB stick? How can we recover files from damaged USB flash drive/corrupted pen drive? Read on to explore more.

Flash drive problems can be boiled down to two categories of errors, a logical one and a physical one. Logical errors can be Wikipedia fixed with some DIY tricks while physical ones cannot be solved without professional knowledge. The main solution of physical errors is to seek the help of professionals.

  • Data corruption after improper unmounting of memory port : Maybe the last time you unplugged your USB flash drive you didn’t click “Eject”, which led to data corruption on your flash drive. Therefore, when you plug it back into your PC, the USB stick cannot be detected by the operating system.
  • Invalid Data in Master Boot Record or Root Partition Boot Record or directory structure on USB stick : Data stored in MBR, PBR or directory structure is wrong, which can cause memory to become unusable as they carry information on how and when the operating system finds and reads the data stored in each sector.

All four errors mentioned are related to hardware damage and physical disconnection in the USB stick. Repairing the memory that these errors bring may require precise soldering and melting with a magnifying glass.

Without experience and specialized tools, it is impossible to fix USB flash drive with hardware damage by yourself. You’d better seek the help of professionals if the data in the memory is very important.

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