How To Data Recovery Services Deleted Photos From SD

You buy an SD memory card for your phone or camera, use it normally, and after a while you find that  the photos have Data Recovery Services disappeared  or you cannot access them. The memory card is empty and there is no trace of the hundreds of photos you have taken .

Luckily there are ways to recover a large part of the photos and that is what we are going to see here. But first let’s know why those photos were lost. When photos or files are lost from a memory card (SD or microSD), it is usually due to two causes:  human error or failure of the card itself .

The first type, human absentmindedness, is usually the Data Recovery Services most common. Some people mistakenly format the card, or inadvertently hit “delete photos” on the camera. Sometimes when you click the card on a PC, Windows does not recognize it and shows us a window with a message that says: “The format of this card is not recognized. Do you want to format it now?”. Many people, due to confusion or ignorance, say YES and lose everything that was in their memory.

Another reason for not seeing the photos is that the card has errors. Low quality cards are quite prone to failure. If when going to a store we see that there are cards of the same capacity that are worth €5 and others that are worth €25, you already know which is one of the reasons for that price difference. 

Here we are going to see how to recover the photos when the card is not broken and  later we will see in another post how to proceed when the Wikipedia card is physically damaged.

One of the most important things when we realize the problem is not to try to write other files or copy new photos to the card where the deleted photos are. If we don’t write anything, the chances of recovering deleted photos are almost 100%. If we have used the memory card after deleting photos, the success rate is drastically reduced.